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TVS-1000 Virtual Studio

Virtual Studio System



Prep – Practice – Shoot – Show
With one little green screen studio, you can tell stories that look like they were shot in a huge production lot of several buildings, each with their own set. Webcasts about market intelligence, internet talk shows, or student produced news casts are easy to make. Corporate productions or in house company-wide webcasts that are streamed to employee computers and archived for video-on-demand replay are practical and affordable. The Datavideo Trackless Virtual Studio will help you produce a variety of cost effective and memorable videos that communicate your messages.


Prepping a virtual set show starts with a chromakey screen. The requirements for chromakey lighting are the same with a virtual set. Traditionally, we would replace the green or blue background with moving video footage. The TVS-1000 is a computer that replaces the ‘moving footage’ with a ‘virtual set’ that can have windows, video displays, and more. The TVS-1000 also manages the video clips you want to show and the images behind the windows. All of this is ‘behind’ your talent or spokesperson. In front of the green screen/ virtual studio, you can have your talent or spokesperson with props and objects. The same criteria that applies to proper green screen lighting will apply to the live talent, props and objects. 

You can select a professional virtual set background from the included library or purchase one from our store. You can make your own VIRTUAL STUDIO TVS-1000 VIRTUAL STUDIO and you can use your own stills or footage in the background. You also plan the virtual moves. With the TVS-1000, you can make programmed moves of the virtual background (in the computer) so it looks like a camera pan or zoom, you can show premade clips on virtual video screens, you can put existing images behind the windows in your virtual studio so it can look like you’re above a city skyline or at the desert. And you can add logos almost anywhere in the scene.

Next, you gather or make the video clips that support your message. If you watch virtual set programs on network video, you’ll see that clips are not very long. Clips could be product examples or videos that support the talk show points or last week’s school sports footage. They could be closeup shots of whatever the talent is talking about or maps or diagrams. The onscreen talent and the virtual set operator implement the timing — which clips are played and when, and which background moves and when. At the end of the show, you’re done and it’s ready to go. To do this seamlessly, you need to practice.

This is where the art of live storytelling becomes real. In the first few seconds, your production must move the audience from watching a video to being part of your story. To make your story believable, your talent must appear comfortable in the space and comfortable in their story.

You’ve practiced and each member knows their part. Time to shoot!


Learn how to obtain the optimum chromakey results



TVS-1000 Key Features


Easy to Operate
The interface of the TVS-1000 is easy to understand and simple to use.
Affordable Virtual Studio
TVS-1000 is one of the most affordable Virtual Studio solutions available.
High Quality Sets
The TVS-1000 software comes with a collection of high quality sets, ready for your show.



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Datavideo’s Mobile Studios allow stress-free production “On the Go.” In easy-to-use configurations, every Mobile Studio includes an intercom with belt packs and headsets. Each also includes a multi-view display monitor and comes in a package that can be carried, shipped, or stored in airline carry on. Take your show on the road quickly and conveniently with these simple solutions from Datavideo






Use the swicher rack in the studio or in the van. Transport it anywhere!  


OBV Rack

Use this switcher cart in the studio, or roll it into the van and take it anywhere!



Switch 8 or 12 HD & SD inputs with the HS-2800. Includes Monitor and  Intercom/Tally System.    




Switch 8 or 12 HD & SD inputs with the MS-2800. Includes Monitor,  System, Power Distributor, Recorder, Audio Delay, Optional Waveform Monitor /Intercom/Tally Vectorscope, and Optional SDI-to-Analog Converter.



Switch up to 6 HD & SD Inputs with the HS-2200. Accepts HD/SD-SDI and HDMI inputs. Comes with built-in intercom/tally system and title creator.





Switch 8 CV & DVI inputs with the HS-600. Includes 17″ Monitor and ITC-100 Intercom/Tally System for 4 crew members.



HS-2000 / 2000L / Travel Kit

Switch 5 HD-SDI inputs on the go using the SE-2000 switcher. Includes TLM-170 17″ Monitor and Intercom System.




MS-900 comes with the modifiable SE-900 switcher for up to 8 input cards of your choice, 17″ monitor, intercom system, and hard-drive recorder.




Use the SE-500 Switcher to switch 4 CV and/or S-video sources. Comes with TLM-702 dual-screen monitor.                                                                            





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LCD Monitors


High Quality LCD Monitors, including a unit with HD-SDI input.


17.3" HD/SD TFT LCD Monitor


17.3" HD/SD TFT LCD Monitor


17.3" HD/SD TFT LCD Monitor


17.3" HD/SD TFT LCD Monitor


17.3" HD/SD TFT LCD 1U Foldable Rackmount Monitor


17.3" HD/SD TFT LCD 7U Rackmount Monitor


4 x 4" SD TFT LCD Monitor


4.3" Look-Back Monitor


3 x 4.3" SD TFT LCD Monitor


4 x 4.3" HD/SD TFT LCD Monitor


4.3" Look-Back System


7" SD TFT LCD Monitor


7" HD/SD TFT LCD Monitor


2 x 7" SD TFT LCD Monitor


2 x 7" HD/SD TFT LCD Monitor



Mixer Switchers PDF Print E-mail


Mixer - Switchers

Switch or Mix between DV, YUV, S-Video & Composite. Ideal for Live Mixing, Web Casting,

Church, Conferences and much more.


HD 5 - Channel Digital Video Switcher


HD 5 - Channel Rack Mountable Digital Video Switcher


HD/SD 12 - Channel Digital Video Switcher


HD/SD 16 - Channel Digital Video Switcher


SD 4 - Channel Digital Video Switcher


SD 8 - Channel Digital Video Switcher


SD 8 - Channel Digital Video Switcher

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Latest News

Telestream NASCAR Project Wins IBC2012 Innovation Awards

Nevada City and San Jose, California, September 10, 2012 - Telestream®, a leading provider of video transcoding and workflow solutions, and Quantum, a global expert in data protection and big data management, today announced that the NASCAR video capture and replay project incorporating technology from both companies won the prestigious IBC2012 Innovation Award in the Content Management category. Telestream developed the video capture and replay system for NASCAR’s high-speed sports officiating. The award recognized NASCAR and its project partners, including Quantum for its StorNext data management software and CineSys for its disk storage.

“It is an honor for the NASCAR project to be recognized by the IBC,” said Barbara DeHart, vice president of marketing at Telestream. “The new race control system would not have been possible without the collective efforts of NASCARProductions, along with the Telestream, Quantum and CineSys teams. Together, we were able to bring high-quality capture and replay into the race-day operations of one of the most exciting sports around.”

In the fast-paced world of NASCAR racing, where broadcasts reach more than 150 countries, video also plays a key role in controlling NASCAR races. The new race control system is based on Telestream’s Pipeline HD hardware encoder and a new, high-performance, multi-clip Pipeline Replay application.  The scalable, file-based system provides instant capture and synchronous display of 18 high definition (HD) camera feeds, enabling instant access, search, and analysis of an entire race event.

“The instant replay system that Telestream has provided NASCAR this season has enabled our officials to perform their jobs in an even more efficient and time-sensitive manner,” said Robin Pemberton, NASCAR Vice President of Competition. “Having instant access to that many camera angles featuring such high-quality video has been a terrific addition to our race weekends.”

The race control system utilizes high-speed StorNext File System software from Quantum to provide simultaneous access of video content, including the ability to rewind and read while continuing to write from 18 HD cameras. CineSys provided on-site infrastructure, architecture, installation, and technical assistance.

”We are pleased to have been selected by Telestream to participate in this important project, and it is especially gratifying to be recognized in this prestigious award. StorNext’s robust file sharing software is fine-tuned to address the high-performance streaming needs that accompany higher resolution video. Because of our collaboration, these combined technologies are greatly improving the accuracy of race monitoring and enhancing the experience for millions of NASCAR fans,” said Janae Stow Lee, senior vice president, File System and Archive Product Group at Quantum.

The award was presented at the IBC2012 Awards Ceremony on Sunday evening, September 9 at the RAI in Amsterdam. IBC is the premier annual event for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content worldwide. The Innovation Awards recognize collaboration and those who push the boundaries. Telestream is exhibiting at IBC in stand 7.D16, and Quantum is exhibiting in stand 7.G30.

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