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Save time and money

with FlipFactory workflow automation applications

Telestream FlipFactory is the fast, powerful, scalable way to automate media workflows between all major video and audio file formats and transfer media and metadata files between all major professional systems.


  • Transcodes between more than 120 formats & wrappers
  • Directly integrates with all major systems
  • Set up factories once for hands-free processing
  • Used in thousands of business critical applications
  • Transcoding and workflow operation

Save time, effort and money

Anyone who creates and distributes lots of digital media will love FlipFactory — and enjoy immediate savings in time, effort and money. FlipFactory eliminates tedious manual transcoding, cumbersome handling of tape and the need for digital-to-analog conversions just to get your media to its destinations. FlipFactory allows you to automatically reformat your media between virtually any file format or wrapper, enhance your media and move your media to destination systems — seamlessly, effortlessly, all-digitally.


Consistent, hands-free processing


FlipFactory is your professional media processing factory. Set up factories once for consistent, high-quality output results every time. Simply set rules for where to look for your sources files, what to do with them and where to deliver them. From ingest to playout, FlipFactory automatically monitors folders and systems for the arrival of new content, enhances media with pre-processing filters, transcodes your media into virtually any digital output format, delivers your media to destination servers and systems, and sends you notifications.



Models and options for any workflow


FlipFactory is a vital tool for the world's leading broadcasters, major media companies, enterprises and service providers as well as smaller corporations and production companies. We have models and options to meet any digital media workflow requirement, including publishing to the web or mobile devices, exchange between professional/broadcast systems, commercial ingest at broadcast and cable facilities and integration with content management systems. FlipFactory also offers the ability to ingest media from tape or live sources, analyze source media and metadata including user generated content, add watermarking to protect your assets, add branding to monetize your assets, plus add graphic overlays and subtitling.


Peace of mind integration

With a well-documented software development kit, FlipFactory seamlessly integrates with third-party solutions to automate any workflow application. In fact, FlipFactory is the most integrated transcoding engine in the media and entertainment industry.



Scalable, reliable server software


FlipFactory runs on your favorite Windows 2008* or XP Pro server. Since it's fully scalable, processing can take place on one or multiple load-balanced servers providing high-volume processing and redundancy to meet your exact media workflow needs.


For ultimate reliability in critical workflows, add FactoryArray™ to ensure continuous, uninterrupted job processing. FactoryArray extends any FlipFactory product from a single server to an array of servers working together to process jobs in the most efficient and secure manner possible. Failover protection and database mirroring combine to ensure that no single point of failure will ever bring your system down.

Best in class customer support

Customers rely on our proven expertise in transcoding and workflow automation to meet their challenging multi format workflow needs. You can rest assured that our highly-skilled technical team will be available to provide the quick and comprehensive support and guidance you need to fully leverage the power of your Telestream product.





Latest News

Telestream NASCAR Project Wins IBC2012 Innovation Awards

Nevada City and San Jose, California, September 10, 2012 - Telestream®, a leading provider of video transcoding and workflow solutions, and Quantum, a global expert in data protection and big data management, today announced that the NASCAR video capture and replay project incorporating technology from both companies won the prestigious IBC2012 Innovation Award in the Content Management category. Telestream developed the video capture and replay system for NASCAR’s high-speed sports officiating. The award recognized NASCAR and its project partners, including Quantum for its StorNext data management software and CineSys for its disk storage.

“It is an honor for the NASCAR project to be recognized by the IBC,” said Barbara DeHart, vice president of marketing at Telestream. “The new race control system would not have been possible without the collective efforts of NASCARProductions, along with the Telestream, Quantum and CineSys teams. Together, we were able to bring high-quality capture and replay into the race-day operations of one of the most exciting sports around.”

In the fast-paced world of NASCAR racing, where broadcasts reach more than 150 countries, video also plays a key role in controlling NASCAR races. The new race control system is based on Telestream’s Pipeline HD hardware encoder and a new, high-performance, multi-clip Pipeline Replay application.  The scalable, file-based system provides instant capture and synchronous display of 18 high definition (HD) camera feeds, enabling instant access, search, and analysis of an entire race event.

“The instant replay system that Telestream has provided NASCAR this season has enabled our officials to perform their jobs in an even more efficient and time-sensitive manner,” said Robin Pemberton, NASCAR Vice President of Competition. “Having instant access to that many camera angles featuring such high-quality video has been a terrific addition to our race weekends.”

The race control system utilizes high-speed StorNext File System software from Quantum to provide simultaneous access of video content, including the ability to rewind and read while continuing to write from 18 HD cameras. CineSys provided on-site infrastructure, architecture, installation, and technical assistance.

”We are pleased to have been selected by Telestream to participate in this important project, and it is especially gratifying to be recognized in this prestigious award. StorNext’s robust file sharing software is fine-tuned to address the high-performance streaming needs that accompany higher resolution video. Because of our collaboration, these combined technologies are greatly improving the accuracy of race monitoring and enhancing the experience for millions of NASCAR fans,” said Janae Stow Lee, senior vice president, File System and Archive Product Group at Quantum.

The award was presented at the IBC2012 Awards Ceremony on Sunday evening, September 9 at the RAI in Amsterdam. IBC is the premier annual event for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content worldwide. The Innovation Awards recognize collaboration and those who push the boundaries. Telestream is exhibiting at IBC in stand 7.D16, and Quantum is exhibiting in stand 7.G30.

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